Black Lake Capital Corp. ("BLCC") will use the tenets of modern portfolio theory to advise clients on their portfolios.  BLCC will strive always to consistently identify optimally constructed portfolios for clients.  A key component of the firm's advisory methodology is to diversify client portfolios among non-correlated asset classes. 

The portfolio allocation for a client of BLCC is dependent on the client's needs, immediate and future, as well as their tolerance for risk positioning and required return.  By way of fully understanding the client's objectives and investment comfort, BLCC is able to ensure there will never be an unacceptable variance in the client's portfolio. 

Depending on suitability, BLCC will employ tactical trading, portfolio tilting, tax positioning, income generation, index construction or overall active/passive portfolio management strategies in its investment advisory practice.  The overarching objective of BLCC is to structure and maintain the portfolio of the client in an effort to achieve the highest return for the least amount of risk.
Mission Statement